Stash the cash: Keep your money and valuables safe

Keeping valuables at home is an open invitation to burglars, so why not keep them in a secure vault. asks Mark Keenan. A wealthy Dublin-based entrepreneur is heading off to […]

Which is Better…. A Home Safe or a safety deposit box?

If you have valuables or irreplaceable items you need to keep safe and secure, what is the best option for you? Whether it’s cash, jewellery, gold bullion or just important […]

Merrion Vaults invests £1m (€1.17m) in Newcastle facility

A £1m (€1.17m) investment by the Irish-based Merrion Vaults in Newcastle in the United Kingdom is set to create the city’s first safe deposit facility. The new facility, which is known […]

Impact of Brexit on demand for Safe Deposit Boxes and Gold Bullion

Co-Founder of Merrion Vaults live on UTV discussing impact of Brexit on demand for Safe Deposit Boxes and Gold Bullion. December 2018.

How to Buy and Store Gold Bullion in Scotland

How to buy and store Gold and Silver Bullion in Ireland, Scotland and mainland UK with Nigel Doolin, Head of Trading at  Merrion Nigel Doolin is Head of Trading for […]

Delighted to be featured on the Safety Deposit Federation site

Newcastle upon Tyne is the location for the newest addition to the safety deposit box business in the UK. Newcastle Vaults ( is the first independent facility of it’s type […]

Nicola Sturgeon MSP Officially Opens Glasgow Vaults

Nicola Sturgeon MSP has officially opened Scotland’s first independent safety deposit box service in Glasgow. Based in the city’s southside, Glasgow Vaults has been introduced in response to the major […]

safety deposit box provider locks down Glasgow deal

What is being billed as “Scotland’s first independent safety deposit box service” has been launched following an investment of more than £1 million. Glasgow Vaults said it had made the […]

Banks No Longer Offering Safety Deposit Boxes in Scotland

Many banks have stopped offering safety deposit boxes in the recent past. This has been going on in Scotland and all over the world as more and more banks withdraw […]

Merrion Vaults launches Fine Art & Antique Storage (Walk-in Vaults)

When we launched our safety deposit box business in Dublin, we provided various sized safety deposit boxes capable of storing cash, jewellery, title deeds, gold bullion etc. We quickly realised […]